Our people and culture are a priority

Building a culture that is high performing, confident, and creates exciting opportunities for our people is one of our key Priorities.

We believe our people are the key to our success and we pride ourselves on their capability, engagement and commitment to making a difference for our customers and partners.

Our Spirit

It’s the people of TAL who bring our Purpose, Ambition and Priorities to life and they do this through living our Spirit qualities.

  • Aiming higher

    We love punching above our weight to succeed. We work together to find bold new ways to solve problems and make a positive difference

  • Doing the right thing

    We believe in being fair and not taking the easy option. We show we care by taking our responsibilities seriously

  • Being straightforward

    We strive to be straightforward in all that we do. We are on a mission to cut out complexity

  • Getting it done

    We never give up. We’ll go further than anyone else to deliver the best outcomes for our customers and partners

Risk culture

See it. Report it. Sort it.

Increasing the risk awareness across the business and driving an accountable risk culture

As a leading life insurance company, TAL operates in an increasingly complex business and regulatory environment. A strong risk culture is what underpins our license to operate as a business and supports TAL’s long-term sustainability.

We have important obligations for our customers, partners, regulators and the community, as well as each other, and it’s important that everyone at TAL understands their role in ensuring they manage risk effectively. We continue to strive to better understand, measure and act to support a strong and healthy risk culture at TAL.

Code of Conduct

TAL’s Code of Conduct and associated training also set out expectations for how we act, solve problems and make decisions. These are important principles and commitments we make when we interact with colleagues, customers, partners, stakeholders, regulators and the community.

Duncan Boyle

TAL Board Chairman

Corporate culture has never been more important and front of mind for the Board. The Code of Conduct plays a critical role in creating an atmosphere of integrity, trust and mutual respect that supports our Purpose, Ambition and Spirit.

See it. Report it. Sort it.

TAL’s ‘See it. Report it. Sort it.’ framework provides employees with a clear pathway to identify any risks they see within the business, guidance on reporting the risks and how they can manage the risk raised. This initiative has helped to increase risk awareness across the business and drive a risk culture that is accountable and proactive across all employees and the broader business.

See it. Report it. Sort it.

Increasing the risk awareness across the business and driving an accountable risk culture

Our Executive Team

The diversity and depth of experience of our Executive Team helps us protect the lifestyles of 4.5 million people as a leading Australian life insurer.

  • Brett Clark

    Group CEO & Managing Director

  • Jenny Oliver

    Chief Claims Officer

  • David Lees

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Tim Thorne

    Chief Commercial Officer – Individual Life

  • Andrew Howard

    Chief Commercial Officer – Group Life & Investments

  • Fiona Macgregor

    Chief Information & Innovation Officer

  • Anne Clarke

    Chief General Counsel

  • Cameron Pelling

    Chief Risk Officer

  • Alex Homer

    Chief Customer & Brand Officer

  • Ceri Ittensohn

    Chief People & Culture Officer

  • Koichi Matsumoto

    Chief Dai-ichi Corporate Officer