Customer Excellence Framework

The Australian life insurance industry continues to undergo significant changes to business models and governing regulations. TAL’s Customer Excellence Framework was developed to facilitate the delivery of this program of change which is aligned to our Ambition. The framework brings together existing capabilities and initiatives, in addition to the implementation of recent regulatory reforms to ensure the work that is delivered is compliant with relevant law, and also looks beyond regulatory compliance to deliver better customer outcomes.

The Customer Excellence Framework aims to actively listen to understand, design products and services that are sustainable and easily understood and deliver product and service excellence to support the continuous enhancement and improvement of outcomes for our customers.


Supporting our customers through COVID-19

We continue to listen to our customers and monitor the COVID-19 situation so that we can support our customers in meaningful ways.

As a life insurer that supports a broad cross-section of the Australian community, we acted swiftly to provide additional support for our customers when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit. We enhanced our financial hardship assistance by providing a broader range of options for our customers to help:

maintain their cover, including premium waivers, cover pause options, and increased flexibility around premium payments; and
adjust their cover by reducing or changing their policy with the option to re-increase their cover without further underwriting in the future.

In TAL’s 2020 financial year, we helped more than 1,200 of our Retail and Direct customers through our Financial Hardship Support options.

We also expanded our Wellbeing and Career Support services, making them available to any customer whose wellbeing and employment was impacted by COVID-19. The support services include three phone-based sessions for each customer that took up the opportunity with experts in wellness or career advice.

In TAL’s 2020 financial year, customers that took up the free Career Support sessions said their confidence increased from an average of 2.8/5 pre-service to 4.2/5 post-service.

In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, we brought together a diverse group of TAL people from across the business to govern and consider the different impacts of COVID-19 for those customers making claims. We developed and launched a range of measures to help customers at their time of claim, which included:

establishing a dedicated team of experts across our Claims and Health Services functions to develop practical claims solutions for customers;
being pragmatic and flexible in our approach to collecting certain information required to process or assess claims;
scheduling benefit payments for income protection claims in advance for up to the next three months; and
increasing our Grief Support benefit for any death benefits payable as a result of COVID-19.

Over the course of the 2020 financial year, our specialist COVID-19 Claims Committee met to individually consider over 500 claims impacted directly or indirectly by COVID-19, with a focus on ensuring claims were considered in the broader context of the pandemic. Through this process, we provided over $550,000 of additional financial hardship support to customers making claims.

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Supporting the victims and volunteers of the floods

During a crisis, we look for ways to support our customers holistically. Our approach to identifying relevant support options involves engaging all areas of the business.

For those impacted by the floods in New South Wales and Queensland in March 2021, TAL was able to provide additional support, flexibility and streamline processing for customers making claims. This included offering premium waivers for customers impacted to help them financially during this difficult time, and working flexibly with customers whose personal records or paperwork had possibly been destroyed to determine alternatives for providing claims documentation.

We also recognised the efforts and personal sacrifice of those who assisted with the emergency and recovery efforts in a voluntary capacity by offering a premium waiver for up to two months to those who were part of the volunteer SES and other emergency services organisations, taking unpaid leave from their regular employment, and who hold policies directly with TAL or through a financial adviser. This offer was also extended to TAL’s employees who were SES volunteers.

During a crisis, we look for ways to support our customers holistically. Our approach to identifying relevant support options involves engaging all areas of the business.

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