Claiming with confidence

Supporting our customers and their families through the claims we pay is the most important thing we do.

  • In TAL’s 2020 financial year,
    we paid

    $2.7 billion

  • in claims to


    customers and their families,
    and accepted

  • 95%

    of all claims received.

Claiming with confidence

Supporting our customers and their families through the claims we pay is the most important thing we do.

  • In our 2020 FY we paid

    $2.7 billion

    in claims

  • to


    customers and
    their families

  • and accepted


    of all claims received.

Of the claims we paid, 69% were in living benefits, which helped our customers continue to live their lives while recovering from an illness or injury.

Our Claims Philosophy

We deliver on the promise we make to every customer, ensuring they understand and feel confident in how we handle their claim.

At TAL, we believe in:

Providing guidance and support, every step of the way
We give our customers clear expectations and allow them to claim with confidence
Partnering with our customers and their support network
We remove complexity and work together to gather the information we need to assess their claim as fast as we can
Helping our customers reach their best health outcomes
We do all we can to support our customers on their path to recovery
Delivering fair outcomes for every customer
We assess claims and make decisions in a considered, efficient manner that reflects the design of our products
Investing in our claims teams to better support customers
We know that handling claims can be a challenging role, which is why we invest in our people and the tools they need

A personalised approach to recovery

For our customers managing an illness or injury, supporting them during their recovery is an important part of claims at TAL. Recognising that every person’s circumstances and claim can be different, we tailor each recovery approach to ensure our customers receive the support that is right for them. Through TAL’s Health Services team, we support customers on claim with a range of physical, mental and financial support services that are all optional and provided at no additional cost.

The services we provide are evidence-based and medically aligned, with a focus on achieving customers’ health and return-to-work goals. Some of the ways we support our customers include:

  • career coaching services to help customers prepare for their return to work when they are ready; and
  • a dedicated, phone-based grief support service for family members of a customer who has become terminally ill or passed away.

Learn more about our TAL Health support services.

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Growing our skills


hours of training completed through the TAL Claims Academy over TAL’s 2020 financial year

A comprehensive technical framework is provided to support the professional development of our Claims Consultants and ensure they continue to provide the best support to our customers. Through the TAL Claims Academy, our Claims teams completed over 17,000 hours of training in TAL’s 2020 financial year.

This training supports the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance (ANZIIF) Professional Standards Framework for the life insurance industry, which enables all Claims professionals to achieve a Certificate IV level by December 2023. We also provide specialised coaching for our Claims Consultants in areas such as mental health and empathy training, to ensure they have the skills needed to understand each customer’s situation and goals, and tailor the claims experience to suit.

  • TAL’s digital Claims Support Hub
    Helping customers understand what to expect during claim time and how TAL can help every step of the way

  • TAL customer stories
    Our customers share their experiences recovering from an injury or illness and how we supported them on their journey

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Embracing technology to enhance the claims experience


of members, of funds that offer Claims Assist, have used it during their claim

We are continually looking for opportunities to streamline our claims processes to improve the customer experience and leverage the digital transformation that we are seeing in all aspects of life.

As a key part of our digital transformation program, our Claims Assist service aims to meet the changing consumer expectations and the demand for technology-enabled self-service options within our claims experience.

Developed in-house by our Innovation team, Claims Assist employs tailored automation to help the administrative side of the claims process to become more efficient. It simplifies the tracking of a claim by allowing customers to upload documents, track the status of their claim and clarify any information requirements that are still outstanding on the claim:

  • A personal ‘to do’ list explains exactly what members need to submit in order to get their claim processed

  • Members can submit files digitally and check their document’s status, providing reassurance that they have been received and reviewed

  • Notifications will keep members up to date on their claim, alerting them when new documentation is required, if their claim status has changed or when payment has been made

  • Most importantly, members can be assured that their personal information is completely safe and secure through Claims Assist

A third of members, across eight of our superannuation fund partners, have chosen to use Claims Assist. Which has helped improve the claims experience, by providing peace of mind so members can focus on what matters most – getting better.

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Human stories

Real stories from Australians recovering from an injury or illness

Our holistic approach to health ensures that if our customers need to make a claim, they not only receive financial support, but also the physical and mental support that’s right for them.

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The most common reasons for making a claim

  • Cancer

    Including Breast and Pancreatic Cancers

    Accounted for


    of all the claims we paid

    • 51% Life Insurance
    • 5% Total & Permanent Disability Insurance
    • 5% Recovery Insurance
    • 39% Income Protection
  • Mental Health Conditions

    Including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression

    Accounted for


    of all the claims we paid

    • 3% Life Insurance
    • 27% Total & Permanent Disability Insurance
    • 70% Income Protection
  • Injuries and Fractures

    Including Joint Dislocation and Bone Fractures

    Accounted for


    of all the claims we paid

    • 4% Life Insurance
    • 17% Total & Permanent Disability Insurance
    • 2% Recovery Insurance
    • 78% Income Protection
  • Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue Conditions

    Including Back Pain and Sciatica

    Accounted for


    of all the claims we paid

    • 32% Recovery Insurance
    • 68% Income Protection
  • Conditions of the Circulatory System

    Including Heart Attack and Stroke

    Accounted for


    of all the claims we paid

    • 57% Life Insurance
    • 9% Total & Permanent Disability Insurance
    • 4% Recovery Insurance
    • 30% Income Protection

Disclaimer: This page contains a summary of the combined volume and value of claims paid by TAL Life Limited and Asteron Life & Superannuation Limited under a range of insurance products between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021, and the circumstances in which those claims were paid. The assessment and payment of each claim is subject to the individual policy terms, conditions, limits and exclusions, which are set out in the applicable Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Document. This information is general in nature only and does not take into account your personal financial situation, needs or objectives. You should consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement, available at when deciding whether to acquire, continue to hold, or dispose of a financial product.